Green energy

Renewable green energy has occupied center stage recently. Hydropower already has long traditions in Norway. We have followed the industry over time and this market segment takes an increasing share of the goods from Prosessmetall. We supply pelton runners for turbines, as well as pipes and fittings for water pipes. When it comes to wind power, we typically supply wrought iron turbine shafts and provide rings.

Fishing and aquaculture

Fishing and aquaculture is an interesting industry which has had great growth for several years.  We have followed the industry over time and this market segment takes an increasing share of the goods from Prosessmetall. Among other things, we supply pipes, pipe sections and end bottoms for transport systems for living fish, profiles for building structures, plates and perforated plates. Prosessmetall cares about animal welfare. There are strict requirements for the pipes so the fish do not injure themselves on the way.

General industry

Norway has a number of chemical industries, process industries, wood processing and smelting industries. What these have in common is that they are complex systems with great wear and tear, and the need for replacement of parts at regular intervals. Here, a number of different more or less exotic materials are used, which we supply. We supply both forged items, bar steel, profiles, plates, perforated plates, pipe flanges and fittings, as well as special items.

Oil and gas

For the oil and gas industry, we supply special components in stainless steel, special steel, special metal or titanium. It is often required that critical components are “forged to shape”, as close to the finished product as possible. There are special requirements for how the material is produced, how it is tested and how it is certified and documented. This is our expert area and where it is necessary that the products are well tested and meet certain goals, we can deliver. Furthermore, we supply standard products such as bar steel, plates, profiles, perforated plates, pipes, flanges, end bottoms and pipe parts.


An exciting industry which uses a lot of steel. We supply plates and perforated plates for facade and decoration, pipes for handrails/railings, profiles in stainless materials for building structures and stainless steel reinforcement.

Maritime industry

For the maritime industry, we can supply materials for forged or rolled propeller shafts and various engine parts and scrubbers as well as pipes for heat exchanges, chemical tanks and LNG vessels.

Water and drain

The municipal sector in Norway has in recent decades both built and upgraded many facilities for the treatment and purification of both drinking water and wastewater. If you have a desire for long durability and little need for maintenance, stainless materials should be chosen in these kinds of projects. For this industry we supply pipes, pipe parts, plates and perforated plates in stainless materials.

Prosessmetall delivers special steels according to the most challenging and demanding material specifications, with a short delivery time and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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